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About Us

Keetronics was established in 1994 by visionary legend Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni. The company’s founding brought together renowned experts in the fields of Printing and Electronics technology. As the global technology leader in the field of PCB (Printed Circuit boards) and PCF (Printed Circuit Films) based Membrane switches and Functional Printed Electronics, we are helping to shape a best HUMAN-MACHINE interface.

Proud Growth Story

Passion +  Innovation +  Investment +  Quality  = GROWTH

Keetronics Growth Rates (1994 - 2016)

  • Epoxy foam keypad
  • R&D Exposure
  • Smart Electronics
  • Compatible switches
  • PE Integration



Keetronics, will continuously add..

  • New Technologies,
  • Adapt new processes,
  • Build required infrastructure to satisfy the growing demands of our customers.

We at Keetronics, strongly believe that the vision can be accomplished only by employing sensible human resource and working as team.

Open to…

  • Implement Critical Designs
  • Accept customer suggestions

Team Keetronics, will strive to achieve customer satisfaction to meet their growing needs for world class Input Devices and Functional Printed Electronics, used in man and machine interface devices.

We will offer functional solutions and aesthetics enhancement options to improve the perceived value of the product, by providing cost effective ideas based on our experience.