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There has been a remarkable change and progress in the development of organic electronic materials for the fabrication of flexible electronic devices. The material properties shows the working principle to categorize the applications for printed and organic electronics. This proposal discusses the fabrication of Organic field effect transistors by using design structures, material synthesis (Dielectric and Organic semiconductor) and incorporate with deposition technologies. Design architecture of OFET’s define the efficiency and switching time with the impact of channel length and channel width of transistor. An innovative polymeric composite with low dielectric loss and high dielectric constant has to be developed for optimization. Synthesized organic materials has to be deposited with the help of printing techniques to enhance OFET’s for high amplification. These transistors has to be incorporated with printed devices on flexible and stretchable substrate for chipless RFID tags, Cardiac analysis and other bio-medical applications. Digital, conventional printing and lithography methods to be involved for the fabrication of transistors in matrix to end up with mass production. Characterization of OFET’s and Organic materials has to be performed with the help of probe station and V-I measurement devices under different light rays.

Fig. Design architecture and principle of OFET