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Flexible Circuits and Sensors

The electronic circuits and LED display are often incorporated for real time application system by using PCB and MEMS technology. In this prototype, electroluminescence display and touch sensitive sensor circuitry is printed with the help of screen printing technique and also formulation of low temperature solder paste for mounting of electronic components on glass.

Electronic components referred to SMD type and printing of solder paste patches by using stencil printing on glass. The electronic circuitry for printed EL display and touch sensitive sensor (capacitive) shows the main advantage where it can also be re-programmable with respect to sensitivity.

El driver and cap sense IC of 0.5 mm pitch is mounted with the help of conventional printing using solder paste. Capacitive based touch sensor is developed with the help of conductive ink (Ag) and dielectric inks were used for bridging over silver conductive structures.

Low temperature solder paste composed of metallic based polymer binded to increase the mounting adhesion as well as with low resistance after drying. Hence it protects from short circuit when it is in “ON” mode. The electrical and mechanical characterization was occurred and it proves that this technology may give supportive solution to overcome PCB technology.

The following figure shows the glowing of EL display when it’s in “Touch mode”.

Screen Printed Electroluminescent Display on
Glass with Printed Display

Screen Printed Circuitry on Glass for EL
display with Capacitive Touch Sensor