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Wearable Electronics

Wearable technology devices or simply wearable’s refer to electronic technologies or computing devices which are designed to be comfortably worn on the body. Wearable technology tends to provide sensory and scanning capability, such as bio-feedback and tracking of physiological function. Wearables also have communication capability which allows humans to access data in real-time using another connected device or medium. Wearable technology comprises all products that can be worn on a user’s body to integrate computing with their daily tasks and activities. The technology includes a wide range of devices and applications that help in collecting and displaying real-time health, motion and other sensory data. In some cases, wearable devices may also be implanted into the human body.

Though wearable technology is one of the most actively followed trends in the digital world today, the concept of wearables has certainly been around for decades. Pervasive connectivity, miniaturization of electronic devices and sensors, along with lowering of costs, has contributed to a rapid increase in the number of wearables being conceptualized and launched in recent times.